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Message is very much concerns to your own interests, if you are an Indian. Kindly read with deep concerns and evaluate your experiences, what you have gained from the present Constitution and what you have lost? Please seriously consider, if a person do not learn from the experiences, what should be called? Continuity of the past wrong is also equally a mistake.

Even after 57 years of Independence, ignoring that what have been claimed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, we Indians believing that Indian Constitution is prepared by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. On 2nd September 1953 Dr. B. R. Ambedkar made a statement in the Parliament that:

"People always keep on saying to me, so you are the maker of the Constitution. My answer is I was a hack. What I was asked to, I did much against my will. I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it. It does not suit anybody."

Please further consider whether false claims by the politicians regarding the Constitution of India were and still not cheating with the people of the country, contrary to such important admission by Dr. Ambedkar? However, important question is left unanswered that who had asked to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to finish such job against his own will, which does not suit anybody?

In this context this is also very important that the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India and 1st President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad, after its completion of the Constitution, at the first instance, refused to sign it, claiming that this Constitution cannot fulfill aspirations and requirement of the people and the nation and signed only after long persuasion.

From the above facts this is ample clear that some thing was hidden from the people of India by the then our national leaders. But, there is no doubt that impact of the Indian Constitution has divided Indian Society on various counts, similar to whishes of Britishers to Rule India during pre-independence. Benefit of the freedom is secured only for those who are any how were or are connected with power politics. The reason is obvious that Indian Constitution failed to ensure basic fundamental principles necessary for a democracy.



Any form of the so-called democracy should not be defined or called as a "democracy", till following basic fundamental principles are not inserted in the system itself, with concrete mechanism for their implementation in real practical terms:-

      1.    Truth shall prevails;

       2.    Justice must be above all;

       3.    Reins of the powers should be in the hands of the people;

       4.    Unity, based on self reliance, self respect and self dependence amongst the people must be  supreme objects;

        5.   Each, including Constitutional Authority should be accountable before the law and system irrespective of his status or position;

        6.    Justice delivery system should be easy, affordable and within reasonable time;

        7.    In the Election mechanism value should be given to the Voters not to the Voting;

        8.    Individualized Politics should not be allowed at any level and at any cost;

        9.    Promotions in the Politicians should be based on experience, competency and performance;

        10.  Distribution of the benefit of the progress and economical betterment of the country should be horizontal;

         11.  System should not allow to found the ways to discriminate one to protect the powerful by skills or expertise.

         12.  Each Individual should be kept away from the democratic process, if he does not obey these principles with the latter and sprit.

On the basis of aforesaid principles time to time I have made suggestions before authorities. Some were implemented in peace-meal manner, but most are never considered. Some such suggestions are referred in this Website.

I am of the view that an All-India non-political peace movement should be lunched to pressure political leadership to ensure appropriate changes in the law to ensure good governance.

Milap Choraria (R-Last) with Indira Gandhi

Model Draft of New Civil Procedure Code invented, innovated and evolved by me

Amendment in existing law for according sanction

Amendment in existing law for Official Secrets Act to access to information to ensure good governance

Rules proposed to define appropriate proceeding for application seeking protection of fundamental rights

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