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This is with reference to my earlier message relating to my representation to Swiss Government, to sit on fast until demand met. For ready reference such representation is posted at:

I am placing some facts that earlier too I have sat for 9 days successful Hunger Strike against Balco. In fact, when I sat on Hunger Strike we were reported that opposite comp consisting three Aluminium Producers and their beneficiary suppliers planned to declare my Fast as a farce. Considering such reported plans I invited in writing to Balco to send its representative(s) to sit with me and check my Fast for all the time and also should send a Doctor for regular checking. I also appointed Doctor. Every day Doctors’ Report was circulated in the Media as well as to opposite comp. Ultimately our demands were accepted. In this respect, not all the News widely published in the Newspapers from three languages, but one News Report published by one National Newspaper with letter received from the Balco’s Managing Director and 2 Photo taken after Fast was broken are posted at:

That during Inder Kumar Gujral’s tenure as Prime Minister, we four person under the leadership of renowned Freedom Fighter and Working Chairman of Lok Sevak Sangh Shri S. D. Sharma, sat for Fast unto death on our demand relates to constitution of Lokpal. In the evening of second day of the Fast, Four renowned personalities from Society Shri Soli J. Sorabjee, Renowned Lawyer, Justice Rajinder Sachar, (Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court), Shri Raj Mohan Gandhi, Grand son of Mahatma Gandhi, and one Renowned Journalist, suddenly appeared and given impressions that they have certain assurance from Shri Gujral on the matter. I, myself Shri Sharmaji and Shri Awadesh Kumar ji were against withdrawal the Fast. But Forth person sitting for Fast completely disagreed with us and even was eager to broken the fast alone, as a result, we withdrawn our Fast.

Error correction: In my representation to Swiss Government I have referred one News Item published by the Economic Times, as relates to period in or about 1980, but actually this News was published on 8th March, 1977 after (late) Mr. Samarjeet Ghosh, Special Correspondent of the Economic Times was transferred from Kolkata to Pune to save interests of the respective Monopoly House.

Remember, that outsiders ruled India for about 1,000 years, not because they were strong, but because we were never sensitive against their Ruling, prior to 1857 Gudder. If we tolerate every sensitive and important issues concerned to larger public interests and compromise with them either under personal interests or otherwise then issues like larger scale money deposited in Switzerland or transferred to third countries prevailed unchecked, at the cost of prosperity and progress of the country from every citizen could have been benefited, and we cannot check corruption establishing accountable and transparent system.

In due course of time, I will expose several matters, based on my own experiences, with strong evidence, and people should take advantage of it.

(Milap Choraria)


After Fast Broken
Milap Choraria with supporters

After successfull Fast Broken
Milap Choraria with Supporters